Autumn in the Farm Home

Autumn on the farm is a busy time with harvest and preparation for winter. As you gear up for the season, don’t let your farm home fall behind. Small things you take into consideration now will save you tons of time when you’re busy in the combine. 

Feature Your Field Finds

Our farmhouses aren’t like the ones on television, we’ve got the dust and must, but subtle hints of the outdoors will make a home feel more cozy this fall. Since our careers as farmers allow us to spend our lives outdoors, it’s acceptable to grab some wheat from the fields in and place in a mason jar for some added fall touch. 


Honor Tradition

The most treasured memories on the farm can be gathered in the home. As autumn creeps in on us, it is time to remember the traditions you grew up knowing, and place your own spin on them. Don’t be afraid to change things up, as long as the family doesn’t mind.

Upcycle Those Farm Shirts

Many of us have oil stained flannel denim shirts that are no longer being readily used. Give your guests all the fall feels with plaid-everything table trimmings. Chop up those shirts, make a garland or get creative and make napkins or tea towels. The more plaid, the better. We as farmers are the real fixer-uppers, use what you’ve got and make it shine.


Think Long Term

When sprucing up the home for autumn, keep the season’s length in mind. Appropriate fall displays will last through November but also have an everyday feel. It’s important to not feel overwhelmed by seasonal decor. 

It’s All in Color

This fall season is proving to be like our favorite seasonal candies: Caramel Creams. Combine the two colors for glorious farmhouse feels. Read as: they show less dirt. Colors as such will [hopefully] inspire you to bake those holiday favorites. 

While September 23 isn’t here just yet, the fall feels are already in our systems. Enjoy the transition of the season and take some time to spruce up your farm home.