big ideas, small town living.

Forage + Croft is an intersection of rural entrepreneurship. We offer:

various services such as design, branding, merchandising, content + licensing, and collaborations;

experiences including: agritourism, markets, paint, craft + artisan events;

mastermind groups, encouragement subscriptions, and lifestyle inspiration;

and housewares + living pieces hand-crafted and curated by yours truly.

Read as: we bring people together to celebrate slow, one-stop light small town life.


The Forage + Croft Manifesto


We believe in breaking a sweat, because hard work builds quality humans. We believe some of life’s most humbling lessons are learned on a dirt road, caring for the stock or serving the community, because we were born to get our hands dirty.

We believe in rural, because roots keep us grounded. We believe in keeping heritage at the center of culture and that culture should determine our means of living. We believe that living should not be taken lightly, that making a life for ourselves should spark wholeness.

We believe in having fun, because laughter is good for the heart and life is to short to feel anything but happiness. We believe that happiness stems from honest work. And that honest work trumps impurities.

We believe that by digging our boots in community, our ambitions will illuminate others because no matter how many followers we have, the impact is still powerful. We believe that by surrounding ourselves with people like us collectively makes a stronger voice. We believe that by finding ourselves, we find our herd.


she’s a creator. he’s an excavator.

We’re Michael + Callie.

Together we make Forage and Croft, a center of home, rural life and entrepreneurship. Our roots are Appalachian and soulful, which is why we are so deeply rooted in our heritage and small community.

We grew up showing cattle together at the local county fair and even participated in the same 4-H club and livestock judging teams. Our lives are busy, but we don’t fancy sitting around much.